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About Tim

I’m a supply chain and operations executive currently based in Northern Colorado. I’m experienced in product development, quality engineering (Six Sigma Black Belt), project and program management (PMP certification), international supplier management and Asian manufacturing for both high volume and high complexity products.

I’m currently teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in supply chain management, operations management and project management at the University of Colorado (Boulder) and Colorado State University. I’m also available for short-term consulting engagements.

Check out my web site at http://timwrodgers.wix.com/timwrodgers.

See also my LinkedIn profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/timrodgers.

I’m on Twitter as well as @timwrodgers.



1. Al Shanmugam - May 29, 2009

Hi Tim,

Your blog looks nice. After I’ve updated my Facebook and Linked In and done some Twittering, I’ll look into setting up a blog as well 🙂


2. Rich Murray - May 5, 2012

Tim- enjoyed your latest blog on problem solving by slowing down and evaluating before jumping to solutions.

3. jenesaisquoiblog - May 17, 2012

Thanks a lot Tim for sharing your insightful blogs especially those quality management stuffs! I’m 43 years old aspiring Quality executive in China; I’ve seen it all but you have the knack and journalistic talent to put them into precious writing… keep them coming!


ps.. please add me to your linked-in if its not too bothersome for you.

4. rainbowstarintl - May 29, 2012

Like your great insight. I’m in the footwear industry also involve lots of challenges. Like your presentation, very professional. Oliver

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