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Senior Retention June 9, 2009

Posted by Tim Rodgers in job search, Management & leadership, strategy.
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I remember reading a great article in Business Week a few years ago. It turns out that it was the cover story in the June 27, 2005 issue, and I’m proud to say that I found it again today in their online archive, titled “Old. Smart. Productive”:


I recommend reading it for yourself, but here’s what I took away. With American baby boomers retiring or approaching retirement age, many companies are facing a serious talent drain. The successor generations, Gen X and Gen Y, can’t make up for the losses — there just aren’t enough of them. Ironically, companies that were offering early retirement packages a few years ago may find themselves trying to hold on to skilled, experienced contributors. Enlightened firms are already offering incentives to stick around a bit longer, including job sharing, flexible work weeks, and extended sabbaticals (for example, 6 months on, then 6 months off).

Sounds good to me. I’m definitely a long way from retirement, but I already suspect I’m going to be one of those folks who’s going to have a tough time turning in my badge. I would definitely welcome the opportunity to continue to contribute, and pass on some of the knowledge and wisdom I’ve accumulated.



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