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Manager With a Small “m” May 18, 2009

Posted by Tim Rodgers in Management & leadership, Organizational dynamics.
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Managers-to-be are often frustrated by the Catch-22 represented by their lack of managerial experience. The solution is to provide these folks with opportunities to manage on a small scale. Every organization has projects or programs that can be delegated to promising future candidates, giving them the chance to optimize resources, solve problems on a larger scale, and form relationships with other departments and functions. Such program managers, or managers with a small “m,” should be measured using success metrics defined together at the beginning of the assignment. The first step to management is becoming accountable for something greater than one’s own personal performance.



1. Happy Not to Be a Manager « Managing in the 2000s - February 5, 2012

[…] It’s one thing to stay out of management altogether, it’s another thing to give it up. I’ve had managers come to me after a couple of years and ask to be re-assigned to a non-manager job, and in each of these cases I was glad to accommodate in order to retain a valuable contributor with leadership experience. Managers are certainly not the only ones who can exert strategic influence, and I’ve seen many examples of non-managers providing greater value to the business by working more freely in the white space of the organization chart. The former manager still has all the skills that helped them to be promoted previously, and there’s every reason to believe those skills will be at least as valuable in their new role. (See Manager With a Small “m”). […]

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